IR Consulting and Training

MLS offer specialist advice and solutions across all areas of employee relations including:

Workplace Agreements

Advice and development of  workplace agreements and common law contracts.


Compliance and litigation advice and support plus advice on new developments and legislative obligations.

Staffing Issues, including terminations

Advice on managing difficult employee situations, managing staff performance, workplace conflict, dealing with injured employees, leave issues, including return to work following maternity leave.

Change Management

Advice and provision of change management consultancy services that manage your change management process from start to finish, including termination and redundancy assistance.

Contracts of Employment

Drafting new or reviewing existing contracts of employment to enhance your legal position and to ensure compliance with legislation.

Remuneration and Wages

Advice on relevant awards and minimum wages applicable in your particular industry.

Policy Development and Review

The development of new policies and procedures on HR related matters. The review and update of your existing HR policies and procedures.

Job Descriptions

We work with you to review existing position descriptions or develop new ones that are easy to understand and that enhance your position in certain legal situation.

Work Place Training

Industrial Relations Training is critical to the economic development and the well being of your business.  It provides a set of understandings and skills to allow fair and effective management of people within organisations.  This is particularly true today with Industrial Relations Legislation placing more emphasis on individual workplaces reaching solutions for management and employees.