Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Recruitment

How does MLS improve agency performance?

MLS works closely with clients and agencies to align agency capabilities with client needs. MLS have Service Level Agreements with each of our providers, and measure their performance against agreed KPIs. We survey Hiring Managers after all role assignments to gauge their level of satisfaction with the agency and process. Guarantees are enforced,  escalated  issues  are resolved quickly and each agency’s performance is regularly reviewed.

Why does MLS use a single agency for a given role rather than giving the role assignment to multiple agencies?

Many Hiring Managers believe that by engaging multiple agencies they widen the net for candidates and create competition amongst agencies. This may have been the case before SEEK and LinkedIn when clients were more dependent on agency databases but this is less the case now. Nowadays engaging multiple agencies usually leads to transactional recruitment as agencies know they have  a lesser chance of filling the role and don’t invest the time to really understand the business and role requirements. The philosophy behind the MLS approach is simple. Working closely with fewer agencies to develop a better understanding of client’s needs will result in better recruitment outcomes. While a  single  agency  is  used  at a time the onus is on the agency to provide the right candidates in a reasonable timeframe or MLS will reassign the role to another provider.

What is a reasonable time for an agency to fill arole?

It is dependent on the role. Typical lead-time for a role is 4-6 weeks. While some “mainstream” roles will fill well inside that time, specialist roles, sometimes requiring international candidates can take months to fill. A reasonable timeframe is usually agreed at the outset between the hiring manager and the agency engaged.

What is the process for the selection of an agency from the panel for a role assignment?

Decisions are based on a combination of factors including:

  • Recognition of supplier areas of specialty
  • Past performance on specific roles
  • Hiring Manager Satisfaction

As we continue to measure supplier performance and build a better understanding of supplier strength and specialisation, these will become the key decision drivers

How do I know that another client does not receive preferential treatment in relation to securing the best available candidate if both of us are searching for a similar role?

All Recruitment assignments are run as discrete processes. The brief is taken,the role advertised, candidates interviewed, shortlist submitted to Hiring Manager and so on. If a similar role assignment appears at the same time or soon after the initial role assignment has commenced, even if a candidate that has applied for the initial role could be a suitable candidate for the second role, that candidate would only be considered for the second role once it had been confirmed he or she had been unsuccessful in the first. If a candidate has applied for both roles and gets as far as receiving 2 offers, then it obviously comes down to the candidate’s choice.

MLS and the agencies have leveraged off candidate shortlists from previous roles to source candidates for current roles. However we will not intervene or co-opt a candidate from an assignment in progress to the advantage of one client over another.

Does the agency provide a guarantee if a new employee leaves soon after starting?

Yes. All agencies on the panel provide a guarantee for any candidate that leaves less than 3 months from start date subject to payment interms.

Labour Hire

Who am I contracting with, MLS or the agencies?

The supply agreement is between the Client and MLS. MLS in turn has supply agreements with each of the agencies.

Does this change the way I currently work with agencies?

No it doesn’t, you can order and book temporary staff the same way you do currently.

Do I pay the agencies or MLS?

The client pays MLS, who then pays the agency. Clients receive one consolidated invoice weekly.

How many agencies will be servicing our requirements?

The number of agencies allocated to your requirements would be determined by how many are needed to deliver the coverage you need at the most competitive rate.

What if I want to continue working with one or more of my current agencies?

Clients can enjoy the benefits of the MLS solution while retaining one or more incumbent providers if they prefer. With the client’s endorsement, and subject to their meeting our vendor selection criteria, MLS can facilitate a smooth transition of incumbent providers to the MLS service model.

How much does it cost?

The MLS managed services model is vendor funded, the client only pays the agreed charge rate when using labour hire services or a placement fee for permanent recruitment when a role is filled. There is no “on top” management fee.

Agency Hourly Charge Rate MLS Charge to Client MLS Management Fee MLS Pay to Vendor
$100.00 $100.00 $0.50c $99.50

How is the solution implemented?

First, MLS spend the time required to build an understanding of your specific requirements, processes, and challenges. Once a  “needs  analysis”  has  been  completed,  MLS  will recommend the provider/s best able to deliver your requirements.

MLS conducts the rate negotiations with each provider. Once the client has agreed on rates and terms of business, implementation begins and would cover:

  • Introductions of provider/s key personnel to client.
  • Confirmation of day-to-day process requirements – Job orders, inductions, on-boarding /off-boarding time sheeting invoicing, monthly reporting etc.
  • Transition of candidates from incumbent providers to MLS providers (where required)